I started gifting again
I used to love giving out handmade cards. The long drawn process of making cards gives me a kind of satisfaction I cannot describe. It's been a long while since I made cards. Since I married and moved in with my in laws, space became a constrain. There was no table space for my crafts. I still do crafts but on the floor. Working on the floor doesn't allow high precision so I no longer make cards which I feel needs high precision. As time passed by and we had our lovely children, space contrain was not my issue alone. It is now the whole family's issue. Haaa. Children study at foldable tables, we sleep on mattresses on the floor, and so I slowly stopped crafting and naturally stopped gifting. Well I still buy gifts but because I buy them, I gift less often. This year I am due to go for a … Read More I started gifting again