My brother and I never owned a bicycle. Our parents never brought us for cycling outings. I'm not sure when and how my brother learned to cycle. I did it the peer pressure way. At 13, I was out with my band mates at Sentosa for a fun filled Saturday and I was about the only one who couldn't ride a bicycle. So one of my band mates taught me patiently at a gentle slope at first to master balancing. I was a quiet girl and had poor motor skills. I didn't exercise and was overweight from 9 to 13 years old. My girl seems to have her poor motor skills from me. 🙁 The learning about balancing was easy with the gentle slope as no paddling was needed to complicate matters. Soon I could cycle. And before I knew it, I was tagging along the whole group of about five band mates cycling way ahead of me. I was cycling faster than I'm … Read More Cycling