Baby Diaper Bag
Every weekend, I would bring two bags with me when we bring our daughter out. When I saw the picture of Okiedog baby diaper bag ( on Motherhood magazine, I fell in love with it. But the price tag of ~ SGD$89 didn't make me too excited about purchasing it. I had intended to make a trip to the retail shops to check it out, but dropped the idea when I read on a forum about a mummy using her favourite big tote bag with Lugmax bag organizers ( as her baby diaper bag. The Lugmax bag organizers are not expensive, yet very practical, I thought. I asked my colleagues if they were interested to join me in purchasing the Lugmax bag organizers, and a few of them did. I was extremely exicited when a colleauge (who kindly offered to collect our purchases … Read More Baby Diaper Bag