Why Quarterly Retreats are more effective than Annual Retreats | Mosesian Strategies
The Annual Retreat. What just came to mind? A super-productive gathering of your entire team which leaves everyone energized and inspired for the year ahead? An extra few paid days off? An opportunity for some rest, relaxation, dining and drinking? An utter and complete waste of time and company resources? Something that you enjoy, but pay for dearly when you return to the office and find triple the usual number of emails and voice mails, in spite of the fact that you posted vacation notices on email and voicemail? Some combination of the above? In my 20 years of consulting experience, I've discovered that an Annual Retreat can be a good thing, even a great thing, but it requires multiple steps to make it worthwhile: 1 – Proper preparation: setting expectations; notification of clients, and contingencies for handling emergencies; aligning the leadership team and/or getting clear on areas of dissonance; creating excitement among the team; taking care of all of the logistics in advance,