Strategic Planning: Part 1 of 5 | Mosesian Strategies
One of my clients famously likened strategic planning to something that Stalin did, so I'm hoping the illustration with the pooch might make this a bit more enjoyable. Think of our four-legged friend as your team, and the statue as your company. You know you have the raw material to create what you want, you just need to organize and begin. I'll state this at the beginning of each part of this series because it forms the core of what I believe. The primary benefit of strategic planning isn't just the plan itself. It's the result of what happens when stakeholders come together, often for the first time, to work as a team. We all know the cliché, "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail" and, in my experience, it's true. Taking the time to create a plan matters, and as important as the resulting plan is, working with one another, particularly those you've not worked with before, is the often-overlooked payoff in this process. Phase One: Initiation and Discovery In working with clients, I