Broken Foot: What's Now, NOT What's Next, Matters | Mosesian Strategies
For the second time in two years, I've fallen into the pool while cleaning it. But it wasn't a "clean" fall, the kind where you clear the edge of the pool and simply get wet. No, each time I've racked up the right side of my body. Two years ago, it was a torn rotator cuff and soft tissue damage to my leg. Two days ago, it was a banged-up knee and a broken foot. The cause? I was thinking about What's Next when I should have been thinking about What's Now. And I paid the price. A few lessons: 1 – Multi-tasking is BS. You'll be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Fully focus on what you're doing now. Epiphanies happen in the moment. Lightbulbs go off when we're fully relating to the person we're talking with. Breakthroughs occur when our mind can engage the "now." 2 – We not only put ourselves in harm's way when doing tasks like cleaning the pool or mowing the lawn, we put others in harm's way as well, particularly when we're doing something like driving. Put down the damn phone.