Take shots of Slivovica in an Ice Cave
Check out the full story here: We took the shots 9am in the morning! We drove to Dobšinská Ice Cave at 9am. We originally thought that we can roam free inside the cave. But as all things in Slovakia, we have to take a tour. We took the first 9am tour and no videos is allowed. Due to respect to their national monument and also we didn't have the right chance to down the Staroslovanská Slivka, we ended up taking the shots right outside of the cave, before the breakfast ;-) What we are drinking is an old traditional Slavonic Plum Brandy. this made in Slovakia spirits is infused with thyme herb it got a very delicate hint of pear flavor. Dry and smooth super delicious! THANK YOU for all your donations! Together we saved over 1.5 acres of rainforest in Peru. ġakujem!