Eat a Mongolian Goat Head
Read our full story here: A whole goat head is considered a prized delicacy in Mongolia. Traditionally, the goat head is placed in a pot with potatoes, carrots, onions and boiled for hours, and is very expensive to order in Ulaan Baataar restaurants. We got ours special ordered from our nice hotel manager. He knew of some chef who specialized in this delicacy so we had it delivered to us, in Chinggis Khan style! How did it taste? Surprisingly, the texture of our meat was bouncy yet soft and the tongue is firm and lean. Hint of smokiness greeted our palates, followed with subtle flavor of herbivore gaminess. It was not salty at all, but rather "natural" tasting. And yes, as we promised, we ate both of the eyeballs too. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donations!!! Together we saved over 3 acres of rainforest in Peru through our charity Cool Earth!