Drink Fermented Mare's Milk with Locals
Read the full story here: While driving the M-41 highway from Osh to Bishkek we visited a beautiful valley full of Kyrgyz nomads. We stopped by a roadside stand where a Kyrgyz Grandma was sitting in fierce wind selling Kumis in recycled plastic bottles. Her family yurt is only several hundred feet away down by the river where you can see her horses grazing. You can't get more "locally grown", "organic" and "fair trade" than this ;-) So how does the the fermented mare's milk taste like? It's got a light smoked Gouda cheese taste to it, hint of saltiness with a bit sour and tart finish. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS for this mission, together we saved over 3.2 acres of rainforest in Peru through our charity Cool Earth ;-)