"Dongchim" Jean Claude Van Damme's Butt
Read the full story here: MISSION COMPLETED: “DongChim Jean Claude Van Damme” We located the Jean Claude Van Damme stature for Young to “DongChim”. The statue is located next to a mall at a weird interaction with traffics exiting the freeway. Young was all pumped up. It was our first mission we were all so excited about it. “DongChim” 똥침 is a Korean prank performed by clasping the hands together in the shape of an imaginary gun and attempting to insert the extended index fingers sharply into an unsuspecting victim’s anus, often while exclaiming “Dong CHIM!”. The act is also know as “Kancho” in Japanese. For every $5 raised we would “Dongchim” the statue one time. We raised $45 for this mission so Young had to poke JCVD in the butt for 9 times. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS!!! The kids in Peruvian rainforest will be smiling when they climb that big tree that is supposed to be logged.