Update Time! Earnings, New Web Host, and More | Make Money With Smoot
I'd like to start out by saying Happy New Year! 2017 was a great year for me especially with internet marketing. I made more than ever have online, I've made a lot of new friends online and things look even better for the new year. So where do we begin... Earnings My earning for 2017 where my best ever online but year ended terrible for me. My earnings collapsed on all my revenue generators. I spent most of December trying to control the bleeding just from big spenders not spending and less traffic . Finally at the end I saw a great increase in traffic and as of today my earnings are coming back. My New Awesome Web Host 2017 was a year of big change for me and one of the changes I made was my web host. In the middle of 2017 I went to one of my adult websites that was hosted on Godaddy and realized it was gone. Now I have been a customer of Godaddy for years so I expected them to help me with my website trouble. So I call them and they said my website was deleted!?!?!? I know I didn't