Blackhat and Google | Make Money With Smoot
So things have been going so so lately. I haven't made much money in fact my money has been down for over a month now which I have come to accept. I have had a website though to hit page 1 of google for some major search terms which seems very promising. I have not made any cash from it yet but I know its there and I will eventually. Now the reason I say all this is because in times like this I used to get desperate and try blackhat techniques that I could quickly game google so to speak in order to make quick money. I don't do that anymore because it is just a waste of my time. I used to spend hours up on hours spamming and doing stuff to try and trick google in to ranking me so I could make money. It would work for a few then quickly the money would fade just as quick as it would come. So all that work and then I would have another site or more work just thrown away for just a few bucks. Now I have faith in what I am doing. I try to build content like this and other things that is