Making Money Online:Selling The Niche Vs. Actually Just Doing It | Make Money With Smoot
Whats Been Going On Hey guys once again I'm sorry I've been super busy hustling and I haven't gave this site much thought to be honest. If someone is consistently telling you they are making money online but every time you look around they are sending out emails or writing on their personal blog chances are they are selling you the "make money online" opportunity. Meaning they are selling you software or something to deal with the niche. The method or software doesn't make their money. It might've one time but they are probably just selling you the product which is how they are making money.Which I will get to in a minute. Update on my earnings: As most of you are well aware my niche has went to the dark side with adult :) so I don't try to sell you the m.m.o. niche. 1. I am not generating $50,000 a day online, that is dishonest and 2. If I am making $50,000 a day online I am not going to tell you how I am doing it because that will just bring competition into what I'm doing. Last