Whats Up? Checking In and Getting You Updated On My Online Efforts | Make Money With Smoot
Hey, everyone, it has been a long time I know. Almost a year to be honest since last April. Anyhow, I have been a very busy man. My dad has been really sick, I've started some new projects and still working on old ones, I took some college classes and yes I am still working a day job. So many things going on and so little time. Anyhow, I wanted to at least dedicate some time to update this blog and try my best to share info that will help you. I am still making money with my Chaturbate White Label, I have an Amazon store and blog (just makes pennies) and I also along with my partner started our own Cam Site. With my White Label, I made $5,000 more last year than I did the year before so my income continues to improve there. I am just focusing on SEO with it at this point. Although according to GFY there is a major traffic leak with Chaturbate white labels, to read more about that click here. I hope Chaturbate gets that fixed and my traffic and leads improve. Along with a business