Don't Use Amazon In Your Domain Name | Make Money With Smoot
Well I said in prior post (here is the post) that I was working a little more on Amazon affiliate marketing. I had exact match domain+reviews. Well the domain was and what I did was spin content using my content spinner. Well this week I received this email from Amazon associate: Dear Associate, We have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. We noticed that you're using the domain name AMAZONFIREPHONEREVIEWS.INFO. The Associates Program Operating Agreement prohibits your use of Amazon trademarks, or misspellings or variations of Amazon trademarks, in domain names. Please note that our trademark policy also covers any username, group name, or other identifier on any social network website. We need you to find a new domain name that does not violate the Associates Program Operating Agreement and transfer your content to your new site within the next seven (7) days. We also need you to transfer this domain to Amazon, as well as any other