What's New on Netflix? #StreamTeam
How are you doing with resolutions so far? Still going strong or slacking already? Netflix wants you to invest in resolutions worth keeping- that is to stream more shows for both yourself and kids. And why wouldn't you? Good news is Netflix has something for everyone in 2018. There’s a lot to get excited about, so no matter what you’re looking to fill your queue in 2018, they have got you covered. Need some suggestions? Why yes! Would love to help! :) For the little one who just can’t get enough of Trolls… Trolls: The Beat Goes On! premiered on Netflix January 19 and picks up right where the hit movie left off, following the adventures of Poppy, Branch and all their Troll friends. For the one who says they’re ready to watch scary movies… Let them try A Series of Unfortunate Events first. The dark comedy series following the ill-fated Baudelaire siblings returns on March 30 for a second suspense-filled season with Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role as the cunning Count Olaf. For the teen looking for a smart family comedy… Look no further than the Alvarez family of One Day at a Time. While do-it-all single mom Penelope keeps her family