My Quest: The Perfect Bite |
One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to experience the food! If I am traveling somewhere new, I will hardly ever eat at a chain restaurant. I want to eat with the locals! Why eat at an Applebee's while I'm on vacation when I can eat there any time? When planning your trip, do some research on famous places to eat near the city you are visiting. You can Google it, ask your friends for recommendations, check out a food blog, and you can even call the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) and ask them to send you a visitor's guide and other local information (they will ship these items to you at no cost). The CVB is a great office to utilize when traveling. Most large cities will have a CVB and will also have a website. Most of the time the website will list local restaurants, shopping, lodging, as well as a calendar of events. Once you find a few local spots that look appetizing, you could even search the internet for coupons, find their Facebook page to check out