Scandals & Bribery; Just Another Day |
You may have been hearing about all of the debauchery, bribery, and scandalous behavior going on in my life the past few years. The rumors are true! My mom and I have been hosting Murder Mystery dinner parties!. These events are much anticipated by those that attend each event. They have grown in popularity and tend to be the talk of town following each event. A murder mystery is similar to the game of Clue. Each participant is assigned a character and given a short bio of their character as well as a very brief description of the other characters that will be participating. You will also receive a few ideas on how to dress for the event. This information is provided to participants around two weeks prior to the event so that they have plenty of time to prepare for their costume. We always recommend going through your closets first to come up with a costume. If you still need a piece or two to complete your look, we suggest one of our 3 local thrift stores. We want this to be a