| Old Fitzgerald 13 Year Old – Spring 2019 Release Review
What it is An age stated wheated bourbon from Heaven Hill that's Bonded and released twice a year (spring and fall). 100 Proof, 13 years old. Appearance Ruby Red Amber Nose Leather, stone fruit and sweet creamy note with grainy undertone. Taste Strong oak and tannin up front (the first few sips really dried out my palate) followed by a settle sweetness and a hint of dried cherries and raisins. Finish Long lingering finish that stuck around well after the tasting and an odd dessert note I picked up midway that reminded me of peach cobbler, but it quickly dropped off. Normally I would embrace a long-bodied finish but with these tannins it wasn't pleasant or enjoyable. Synopsis This wasn't my favorite release but I will admit that overall I've enjoyed a few of these expressions (the 9 year was by far my favorite.) I'm not sure if Heaven Hill is trying to compete with Buffalo Trace and offer an wheated line with some age on it or if they are just giving what the masses are screaming for