| Old Forth Bottled-in-Bond
What it is A Single barrel bonded Bourbon out of "Atlanta Georgia" that is unfiltered. Why the quotes you ask? because this bourbon is not being honest about where they really came from. After a friend of mine pointed out the DSP hiding in the graphics on the bottle, I'm pleased and extremely disappointed in the f*ckery that has taken place with this distillery and this brand. Pleased because its MGP bourbon and I'm a huge fan and displeased because this distillery was deceitful with the location of this product. Appearance Golden Amber and a tad darker in color that you sometimes see from Bonded bourbons. Nose Grass, grain and oak and a tinge of nuttiness. Also a hint of sweetness playing in the background of a light Caramel. There is also an odd yeasty smell that you would normally get from a young wheated bourbon. Taste Lots of grain and oak up front but not tannic accompanied by a settle sweetness with spice and stone fruit dancing in the background Finish Medium long finish with a