Top 10 Cross Stitch Hacks | Modern Cross Stitch
Achieve better Finished Projects with less Frustration!#1 Don't limit yourself on cloth colorsDon't limit yourself on background colors, you can paint your Aida cloth!! Check out this tutorialby weelittlestitchescrossstitch#2 Buy all your thread for one project at the same timeAssuming you're not working from a kit - Cross Stitch Thread is colored in dye lots, which can lead to varying shades if you buy a specific color in different batches. If buying from different dye lots can't be helped, take one strand from the old and one from the new to blend.Look above/below the Barcode#3 Buy Cross Stitch needles, not tapestry needles.Cross stitch and or Embroidery needles are blunt and are sized according to what count of fabric you're using. Avoid the finger pricks and match up your needle perfectly to your cloth count.#4 Use a Needle threaderMake threading your needle less frustrating! Forget the magnifying glasses and save your eyesight.#5 Wash your hands before you start!Dirt and oils on