MMO Fashion | SWTOR – Club Vertica's Nightlife Pack
The Club Vertica's Nightlife Pack was released today and the Star Cluster's Nightlife Pack was embargoed. Armor Agile Reconnaissance Karness Muur Mandalorian Clansman Remulus Dreypa Rohlan Dyre Shrewd Rascal Temple Guardian Unbreakable Veteran Ventilated Triumvirate Weapons Etched Dueler's Dualsaber Etched Dueler's Lightsaber SL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon WL-29 Blaster WL-29 Blaster Rifle WL-29 Sniper Rifle Mounts Adno AR-6 Droid Officer Transport Marsh Raptor ST-7 Recon Walker Tion SY-4 Vectron JM-13 Pets Hooded Blurrg Model Experimental Sandcrawler Model FT-2 Quell Model Sledgehammer Color Crystal Yellow Core Companions 2V-R8 Crimson Treek #4 Dyes Dark Blue and Pale Brown Deep Gray and Pale Brown Secondary Dark Gray Emotes Faint Out of Breath Tihaar Dance Toy Chance Cube