This Blog is an extension of myself, what I do, how I do it, and when I do it. Talk is cheap but thoughts can be deep. I will be putting down some Triche'ism through story telling, photos, videos, classes and a lot more. My AlterEGO: N.O.L.A Entertainment LLC which stands for No One Lands Alone; is a company I started to further my goal of reaching and support as many people as possible through art, dance, fitness and special events. I am the Owner, the Artistic Director, the Production Manager, the Choreographer, the Event Planner, Life Style Coach & Business Consultant. I also subcontract talent to work and perform at various events. There are two specific divisions of N.O.L.A. Personal training and Fitness events are offered through the division "Inspired Fitness with Triche" Dance classes, workshops, and dance privates are presented through the division "Live 2 Groove Productions" I also am available to judge dance competitions, create performance routines and host events.