Women of Pitchfest: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, Founder of The Intrepid Entrepreneur | Misadventures
In the past 20 years, Kristin Carpenter-Ogden has founded three successful companies from the small mountain town of Durango, Colorado, and helped nearly 200 outdoor and active lifestyle brands grow and connect to customers. But her latest venture, The Intrepid Entrepreneur, is different. In an inspiring parallel, Kristin has founded The Intrepid Entrepreneur in order to support other founders of outdoor companies. "Choosing to work for yourself may sound glam, but it's so not the easy road," she says. That's where Intrepid comes in: with her years of experience in the start-up scene, Kristin offers outdoor founders mentorship, feedback, and training to help their own companies succeed. As founders of an outdoor-oriented publication, we were thrilled for the opportunity to talk with Kristin and learn more about her business, which is a finalist at the OIWC's Pitchfest in Salt Lake on August 2nd -- and we can't wait to see her expertise in action in just two days! What inspired you to