What Makes Us Wild: Cofounding a Women's Wilderness Group | Misadventures
I grew up surrounded by evergreens. When the winter months would come, I'd find solace in the greenness of the trees, knowing that even with the chill, we were still very much alive. Growing up in a sylvan northern California microcosm, I had always felt a strong connection to nature. However, I had never pushed myself into its most wild state. I had never given myself the chance to experience the remote, un-showered, unfettered, tranquil, glorious beauty of its farthest reaches. I hadn't strapped the essentials onto my back or loaded them into a canoe and set out to live for a time with just the earth. In the same month that I was parting ways with the man who changed this and took me on my first extended backcountry camping adventures, I was cofounding a women's wilderness group with a friend. In the time I spent with this man, I had lived in awestruck adoration in the passenger seat of his wilderness expertise. He largely took on navigation and planning, and I focused on feeling