The Impact of Surf Magazines Erasing Women | Misadventures
It's no surprise at Misadventures that surfing magazines have a history of erasing women from their pages, and the sport. Last year, our very first Gender Representation Report, which tracks women's representation in outdoors magazines across the board, revealed the sorry surfing media statistics: in the August 2014 issue of Surfing Magazine, only 9 images of women appear, as compared to 82 images of men, while July 2014's Surfer included 11 images of women in comparison to 81 images of men. Neither magazine printed any articles written by women, and both listed only 4 women on staff. What's worse, the few women pictured are part of advertisements, and so serve as bikini-clad eye candy instead of sources of surf inspiration. What's the impact of this lack of representation? In her fantastic article "Why Are Surf Magazines Erasing Women?", published at The Establishment, Joanna Schroeder explains: at least 10% of surfers in the United States are women, and girls and young women are