Talking Music with Jillian Speece of The Bergamot | Misadventures
Jillian is lead singer of the wife-husband duo band The Bergamot. She's also a foodie, spiritualist, and maker of organic body care products that blogs on Shine On, Inc. I caught up with her to talk about everything from affirmations to auto-tune. Tell me about your earliest experience with music. I was three years old when my mom started singing to me. She would sing and then have me sing back to her like a little monkey. I remember growing up singing and listening to my dad's vinyls. By the time I was seven, I was in the choir. I was extremely shy at the time, so I was always in the back. I remember that one of my teachers told me that I couldn't hit high notes, so I believed him. I had to get over my terror of singing in public. I just kept forcing myself into these terribly uncomfortable situations where I was so scared and shaking. I remember every time before I would perform I would go to the bathroom and tell myself, "OK, now don't S#it your pants." "Keep it together up there