Botanists at Glacier National Park: The Triple Interview | Misadventures
It's not everyday that you get a chance to talk to botanists at Glacier National Park. Somehow I wound up connecting with three amazing women who are not only botanists, but outdoors enthusiasts, mothers, and authors. Jen Asebrook, Shannon Kimball, and Jen Hintz have worked in Glacier National Park for years, and they were gracious enough to share their thoughts with us during their busiest season. Tune into this interview to hear about what makes them feel alive, tag along on a typical day of hiking and documenting plants, gain insight about their climate change research, and learn why they love being outdoors with other women. How did you first become interested in botany? Jen A: I studied various science subjects before finding a love for botany. I started out wanting to go to med school, but switched my major to environmental studies in college after taking environmental science and geology classes. Upon graduation, I got a job with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in FL working with