How To: Build Your Own Composter | Misadventures
In college I shared a bathroom with a girl who made her own cheese. She rode a bike with no brakes and handlebars that you had to hold crooked to go straight. She washed her hair only once a week, and convinced me to do the same. She also composted. One wet spring evening I saw her crouching down on the grass outside our dormitory, holding a Tupperware container. I asked her what she was doing, and she showed me, by peeling back the turf to reveal a hole about a foot deep filled nearly to the top with food scraps. As my eyes adjusted to the dim sky, the smooth blanket of grass became patchwork. Other ragged-edged pieces of turf showed themselves; she had obviously been burying food scraps for some time. Eventually, the college's head landscaper caught her and she moved her composting to a spot next to the abandoned sofa, deep in the web of cross country trails. The very next year, the college started composting on an industrial-scale as part of its eco initiative. Seven years later,