Gear Review: Kokatat Naiad Life Vest | Fit for a Queen | Misadventures
I probably don't have to tell you why you need a good great perfect life jacket (at least, I hope you already know why…) Let's be honest, though: flawless floatation should just be the baseline. Your PFD should make you feel and look ***flawless too. Enter Kokatat Naiad: a PFD designed with female recreational paddlers in mind, with "body-mapped panels" fitted around ~the girls~. Plus, it comes in two different snazzy colors—a regal purple and a poppin' blue. I've taken the Kokatat Naiad out for several paddles, and not only am I still alive, but I also felt fresh and looked pretty fly, if I do say so myself. Here's what I thought: ProsGreat for ~the girls~: As advertised, the Naiad can "accommodate the natural curves" of even the bustiest among us! A refreshing option in a market often lacking a diversity of body types. Super comfortable: I could sleep in this thing. There's a ton of cushioning and the fabric feels like like buttah.