A Day in the Life of a Swell Woman | Misadventures
My daydreams these days eventually wind up sailing back to Hawaii, that glorious paradise emblazoned with memories of sun melting into water. Somehow in this place, motion becomes free of constraint. On a SwellWomen Surf, SUP, and Yoga retreat in Maui this summer, my body rejoiced in the doing away with work routines, chores, and chairs, and heartily took every opportunity to move freely in the presence of some wonderful, adventurous women. Here are some of the images from a day in the life of a swell woman. Early mornings at surf school Waxing the boards Heading down to the waterEnthusiasm Surf school begins THE GROUP Loading up the boards Majestic setting for afternoon yoga Our fearless leaders, Lulu Agan and Meredith CameronCatamaran cruise All cleaned up Given the opportunity to flow between activity and rest, togetherness and solitude, sun and shade for a glorious week, I would gladly return in a heartbeat. We were each brought together by this desire for retreat, for balance,