How To Have A Creative Retreat | Misadventures
In mid-July, I felt an itch to head north and do something…creative. My vision was simple: a long weekend, the picturesque Oregon coast (so unlike the California coast where I've been living), and a few friends gathering to make art, write, and cook huge meals. It took a little planning (read, a LOT of Airbnb-surfing) and 10+ hours of driving each way, but we pulled it off. The three-night retreat was an experiment in community building, writing separately and together, sharing work, and shaking up our day-to-day. Maybe you're feeling a similar itch to re-start (or jump-start) your creative life, or maybe the idea of gathering people for a weekend of something more than drinking and sunbathing is appealing to you. Whatever your reason, it doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how we did it, along with some tips for how you might adapt your plan based on your needs and desires: Where to go: Pick a region and then narrow your search for a place to crash. I fell in love with the Oregon