A Summer in Hell, in Texas | Misadventures
In the future I'll probably count the summer of 2010 among the worst times of my life. I know I have a lot of life yet ahead of me, and many tragic things are guaranteed and many more are strong possibilities, but the summer of 2010 was atrocious. In the winter of 2009 I left a marriage, and from this future where we're sitting now looking back, and from the past before it happened looking forward, this was the obvious outcome of too many years of what are already counted as only moderately mediocre times of my life. But, you know, Saturn returns and we have to do the hard thing. All that winter I bummed around Austin, Texas with no clear thoughts in my head on any subject. My mom stopped talking to me for a while. I had to put my dog down. One of my best friends is named Cody. I made at least one phone call every week that opened with "Cody, I'm crying." I spent a lot of time bouldering in Hueco Tanks, and a lot of time on that 600 mile stretch of I-10 and 290 that separates Austin