Enter the Dragon: A Time-lapse of a Dragon Fruit Flower Blooming | Mind Your Dirt
I may have mentioned once or twice that more times than not, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I write Mind Your Dirt not so much as an expert, but as someone willing to learn and inspired by that learning. Growing dragon fruit apparently is no exception to this rule. I was given some clippings about four years ago from a friend. I had dreams of eating my own weight worth of juicy dragon fruit (pitaya) almost instantly. This magical and mysterious fruit was aptly named. It does indeed look like a dragon egg. Not that I've seen many in my lifetime, but this is what I would expect to see were that to change. I wasn't born and raised in San Diego, so my natural instincts for the proper care of cactus are newly learned. That's no excuse however. I immediately labeled and categorized this new dragon fruit plant as a cactus and planted it as such. Right in my cactus garden with little to no water, mulch or organic material. It's my "screw it, do your thing" section of the yard. Over