Fighting Fire with Fire: An Organic Holocaust of Weed Control | Mind Your Dirt
As you can clearly see, dear reader, I am at my wits end when it comes to keeping my weeds at bay. I have an extremely strict rule that not a drop of any chemicals shall ever be added anywhere on my property. As a result, I have to get somewhat creative when it comes to dealing with pests and weeds. It's all worth the efforts mind you. Knowing that I can maintain a safe environment using older and more natural methods, all while protecting my pets and loved ones from becoming a tumor-ridden cancer cesspool, gives me great comfort and pride. That said, there are some inherent issues with living the granola-crunching-hacky-sacking organic life. Weeds are most definitely one of these issues. Another would be hacky-sack injuries but that's a different post. My worst enemy in the weeds department is the dreaded Spotted Spurge (or Euphorbia Maculata). I cannot begin to emphasize how much I loathe this plant. It's sticky white sap that never washes off is one of the worst ever and it seems