A Weekend Getaway in Cleveland National Forest and Mount Laguna | Mind Your Dirt
We took a much needed break from all things work related this weekend up at mount Laguna nestled in the Cleveland National Forest. It was brisk and windy and absolutely gorgeous. The trails that wound around completely dried up lakes looked like grizzly country and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I had an extremely rough week at work. Very bad, yet expected, news that had left me in a tail spin. I'll spare you the details as there are many things in the works now as a result that I am not ready to announce publicly. I'll just say that the winds of change are blowing at my back. I found myself feeling melancholy and stoic and pooped and demoralized the last few days. But as fate would have it, arrangements had already been made to get the hell out of Dodge. So off we went. Just a simple two day car camping trip that proved to be exactly what I needed. I'm keeping this post brief as I am breaking the rules right now of doing nothing constructive this weekend. I just wanted to