DIY Natural Rooting Hormone: Willow Water | Mind Your Dirt
If you're anything like me and really love to discover new plant species by taking small clippings from their host plants you've most likely run into the burning need for rooting compounds. Not every plant can be simply rooted by sticking it into a glass of water. In fact, most can't. Now, you can purchase some hormones from The Interwebs and pay for shipping or you can go to your local marijuana... er...I mean hydroponics supply store to procure the magical tincture. Side note: I feel I'm the only customer in the hydroponics store that's buying supplies for plants and veggies that you don't smoke. The aisles are filled with listless dreadlocked hippies slowly dolling out slurred sentences as they look for green cubes and grow lights. You're not fooling anyone stoner. I like to keep my habits more private and not wear them around as fashion accessories. To each his own. However, there are some inherent dangers when dealing with white people having dreadlocks: I feel like this joke