The @#&*+$% Waterfall Pump is Clogged Again! | Mind Your Dirt
It creeps upon me like a slow death, void of meaning or romance. From my bedside I can hear the daily lessening of its once mighty cry as it slowly dies. A single tear forms in the corner of my tired eye as I realize in the dreamy state that something is terribly wrong. The deafening roar of water that once dominated my senses begins to weaken to a soft purr of drip-drop failure. My failure. My shame. My waterfall pump. Were I a better man, I would have cleaned out its sterile, dwarfed and paltry mini micro filter daily. But I didn't. Because it's @#&*+$% God-awful annoying to do that. I curse the pump filter demons that have taken hold of my once amazing water feature! Just look at this pathetic thing; after three solid days of "work" it's all gummed up. Okay, I feel better now. Sorry about that. But seriously, maintaining a custom, hand-crafted, multi-level double waterfall with upper and lower ponds running 24/7, enclosing a rambling brook through the willows, requires the