Backyard Chicken Eggonomics: How Much Does it Really Cost to Raise Chickens? | Mind Your Dirt
I've found that this is a question I'm often asked when I tell people that I raise backyard chickens. How much does it cost in dollars as well as time? So I decided to start taking notes of all my expenditure, the time that I spend on tending my flock as well as what I'm getting out of having backyard chickens. I always figured I kinda broke even, but I was surprised to discover that I actual turn a handsome profit for my labor of love. I'm not even taking into account the pure entertainment value of these mini dinosaurs running all over my yard acting less than intelligent. I'm simply talkin about cold hard cash money that I'm either saving by not having to buy the byproducts or from selling the surplus eggs I get weekly. Glorious, beautiful organic eggs. You can't beat the flavor, but even more so, you can't beat the knowledge of knowing exactly where your food is coming from and what's in it. Or not in it for that matter. No chemicals, no hormones and no general malaise from chicken