The Man Who Can Destroy Monsanto | Mind Your Dirt
If you see this man on the streets, give him a big hug! I imagine a giant statue of him at some point in the future. The plaque will read, "Paul Stamets, the man who single-handedly saved the planet from a poisonous chemical death." This is a perfect representation of the emerging of a new way of thinking. People like you and I are finally beginning to see a new way to live in harmony with our environment. The dreamers are awakening and its spreading like wildfire! Can it be possible that we can solve the worlds hunger problems by not destroying the world in the process? Paul Stamets, a mycologist, patented a very customized form of entomopathogenic Fungi back in 2006. This fungi can create a nearly PERMANENT solution by dealing with over 200,000 different invasive and crop hungry insects. Normally, these insects would avoid these deadly fungi due to a presence of spores that act as warning signals to insects. Paul has genetically removed these spores and thus, the red flag that would