A Time-lapse of my Aloe Vera. | Mind Your Dirt
One of the many, and I mean many, benefits of living in a frost free land is that plants that are common around the world have the wiggle room to perform as they should in nature. Like my Aloe Vera in the yard. Only in the right conditions will it annually flower. I keep a few around to handle scrapes, burns and cuts, but the yearly flower display is an additional benefit. The hummingbirds and bees love to get all up in it. This year, I decided to take a photo every few days to just document the flowers development. While not a showy bloom, I still love to look upon it. So now I'll force you to look upon it as well. You can see the beginnings of another bloom behind this one as well. The cones flower at the base and work their way up. The bottom blooms begin to die off before the top ones are even open so it's hard to get the "sweet shot" of this flower. Winter is when all my succulents begin to bloom like crazy which is great because that means at any given time of the year,