The Pineapple Express: how to grow and propagate a pineapple, over and over again | Mind Your Dirt
As promised, I'm going to share the results of my feeble pineapple efforts. I ordered the small plant online as an add on to my Ficus Religiousa, or Bodi Tree (which was really hard to find by the way). The shipping was free to add it on, so I figured why not. I am fortunate to be living in a zone 10, so I can grow these babies as they only grow in zone 10 to zone 11 outdoors. You can grow them indoors, but they'll be small so don't get too disappointed and don't invite friends over for the "big harvest". I potted mine in a 4" pot and gave it what love I could muster in hopes of one day eating my own homegrown pineapple. Well, that was almost four years ago! In all fairness, I only put it in the ground two years ago. But, oh man, that took forever! Then, about six months ago, I noticed a tiny little pineapple growing out of the center of it. After so long, I had given up so I rarely checked it for any blooms. Then, this is what I saw... I've since discovered that you can force blooms