My Magical Coastal Coral Tree…On Steroids. | Mind Your Dirt
I've been in love with the Erythrina Caffra (Coastal Coral) tree since I first laid eyes on one in full bloom. They have them scattered throughout San Diego near highways and parks and the like. This tree drops all of its leaves simply to allow the flowers to grow unimpeded and in full view for pollinators and tree minded people like me. Just look at that color! Older specimens have one the most amazing trunk and nebri of any tree I've seen. Like most African trees, it's adapted to life in hot and dry climates. It's canopy is shorter and wider as a result. I'd imagine as a way to keep the soil temperature down and the moisture levels up. But I am only speculating. I love that short wide profile. And the flowers are amazing as well. Great hummingbird attractors. Even its seeds are a brightly colored marvel. So, I've observed it from afar. Then I coveted it from slightly nearer. Then, I got bolder and snipped a wee bit of it. I tried to propagate it from small green cuttings from the