Building a Flagstone Patio | Mind Your Dirt
Ugh, what year is this? The holiday season always leaves me sluggish and lazy. My energies are mostly used up in seeking our my next meal or snack. My fridge is loaded with ham and pies and cheeses. All of which only serve to perpetuate my sluggishness. So, I've dragged myself out from under the stove to write a little something something about a time when I wasn't so inactive. My flagstone patio. When I bought my home, one of the things that drew me to it was the giant blank canvas that was my yard. I could sculpt whatever my heart desired. After I removed the huge fence that was cutting off my yard in half, I was able to better see what direction I wanted to take. I had begun placing a few fruit trees and shade trees right away so that they could immediately begin growing tall and giving me my much needed fruit and shade. I began to "sketch" out foot paths all over the yard to try to envision the final look. Not an easy task, because you have to take into account how the trees and