To Err is Human, To Redo is Annoying: How NOT to build a gravel pathway, and how to fix it afterwards. | Mind Your Dirt
You learn a lot as a first time home owner. About half of that learning comes from making costly mistakes. My pea gravel pathways are a prime example of that. I've spent countless hours leveling and sculpting pathways around my beds in order to create a nice harmonious flow throughout the yard. I've spent quite a bit of money on pea gravel as well in order to do this. Admittedly, I knowingly took a few shortcuts along the way. And...now I'm paying for it. Big time. Not more than three months ago, I finished making this lovely grassy knoll with a cute and quaint little retaining wall for accessing the laying box of my chicken coop and for sitting in the shade of my young willow tree. Surrounding that, a nice little pea gravel pathway. In those 3 months, all of that was fairly buried under a blanket of crabgrass. The same crabgrass that I painstakingly removed when I started this project. Here it is this morning. What an unholy hot mess huh. Seething tendrils of green revenge oozing out