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"I've been toying with the idea of getting into bonsai. Is it ridiculous to start from seed? If so, how old of a starter tree should I get, and do you have any suggestions for where to get one? What equipment do I need? Do you have any book recommendations on the subject?" -Nikki "Hi Nikki. It's not ridiculous to start with seeds, but it will add time to the already lengthy process. Here's the deal with bonsai that most people neglect. It's ALL about trunk development. Most people will buy a sapling of a common bonsai breed and instantly begin wiring it up or cutting the branches. This is a waste of time because in order to get that harmonious ratio in real bonsai (vs. Mall-sai, the ones you see in shopping mall booths with glued rocks on the surface), you'll need the tree to grow rather tall to develop the right trunk thickness. Then you'll remove the entire top of the tree anyways. Like 3/4 of it at least. So why bother training branches that will be gone anyways? For example,