Bath Bombs | | Mind Of A Mom
After a long stressful day of work, dealing with kids and school, my mind was focused on meditating in my hot fizz 😉 bath. I couldn't wait to just relax and clear my mind. When I received my Selene bath bombs I was so excited to try it and girl- it was everything I needed after a very exhausting day! Stress can cause physical pain, make you feel sick and just ugh! To make the day go by a little easier and make you feel overall better and leaves you with a smooth skin I recommend trying Selene bath bombs. Us women already enjoy long hot bubble baths, why not add some flavor, music, and meditation?! I don't know about you girls but my not so secret hiding spot is my bathroom anyway add candles and we are good to go and after you will sleep like a baby. The Selene bath bombs come in a beautiful box filled with an aroma that will hit you in the face once open. Not only do they smell good its purpose is to make you feel good. The Ocean Breeze is for calming and