Photographs - Mielygraphy
For some reason, I was checking on my albums and I saw a lot of nonsense photos that I loved so much that I couldn’t get rid them out of my device. So I decided to create a dedicated portfolio of them in my site for fun. Not sure if this would make sense at all but I just feel like sharing them. If you’ve been following my blog, I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed that I don’t have amazing or stunning photos for my blog posts. I just simply point and shoot on my subject because I don’t like people looking at me when trying to make a perfect shot. But sometimes I try making some perfect shots. Though it may not be as perfect for others. For me, they are just perfectly satisfying to keep and now share. Here are some of the Photos I kept in my cloud albums. Notice for re-sharing my photos: Not sure if they are worth re-sharing yet but just in case. You can use them for non-commercial purposes as long as it has proper crediting. At least mentioning the site name, website url or our social media accounts. Contact me if...