My son's teacher was surprised at him - Mielygraphy
I grew up in a family who never forced me to be good or perform well in academics or anything at school. As long as we pass my mom is already good with it. We were never been asked by my mom if we had an assignment or projects to do before watching TV. My mother is a single mom at the same time working. I’m not a single mom but I’m working full-time and commuting almost 5 hours a day. I wanted my son to excel with his schooling but I can’t really focus him on doing that. My husband who is always with him is not really good in teaching too. So no one really forces him to be good at school either. I don’t really ask him to do things that he may have done already at school, like reading, writing or reviewing his lessons. I guess that is because of how I was brought up. For me he could get tired of studying if I force him to do it when he’s already home. Also, I believed that exams is to test you what you have learned, so why review. If you didn’t learn...