I just unpublished one hate post - Mielygraphy
I never knew that my doctor would get hurt of my post. That post was there for a long time which I haven’t read back since I posted. And never knew would be read at all. It was a hatred post I made against the hospital where I gave birth last year. I honestly cannot take my hatred about that hospital until now because of a tedious and costly process I have to go through with them. But I never meant hurting any of their members like employees, doctors and nurses which happens to be hurt of what I said. Just today I met the doctor who attended me on September 29 when I gave birth and said that she was hurt and I guess mad at me. Of course she is but I judged a lot so I don’t want to judge what she felt when she was talking to me. She had a lot of patients waiting. While she’s telling how bad and ungrateful I am. I couldn’t say a single word anymore. I just said sorry in a dull way. I mean it but I sounded like I am not. She’s crying already and I feel like...